Medical Insurance in Florence

Medical Insurance in Florence

To avoid any unforeseen event ruining your trip to Florence, it is best to take out a health insurance policy that offers coverage and peace of mind in the capital of Tuscany. Find out how health care works in Italy.

The best way of travelling safe and insured against fate is to take out medical insurance that you can use in Florence. You never know what might happen, so the best plan is to make sure you travel with coverage, and guaranteed healthcare.

Check your insurance

Before looking for medical insurance, we recommend that you check all the insurance policies you currently have, such as your car and home. It's common that these policies also cover you for travel, so it's a good idea to check if this is the case.

And if you've reserved your flight to Florence using a credit card, it's also a good idea to revise your policy, as sometimes this too includes travel insurance.

Taking out Travel Insurance

Before heading to Florence, you should take out a policy for your own peace of mind, and in case of emergency. At Civitatis we offer a complete package starting at 9 (US$ 9.60) per person:

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