Siena has a charming historic centre declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO which, as high as your expectations may be, is always a surprise to those who visit its winding medieval streets.

Siena is located in the centre of Tuscany. It is regarded as one of the most charming and beautiful cities in Italy, combining objects of art with a rich history and a unique natural landscape.

Top attractions in Siena

Siena is a magical open-air museum where exploring the city’s narrow medieval streets is a real pleasure. As well as discovering the city in general, there are top attractions which cannot be missed:

  • Piazza del Campo:  Piazza del Campo is Siena’s main square and is considered to be one of the largest and most stunning medieval squares in Europe. The Palio di Siena, a passionate horse race, is held in Piazza del Campo twice a year.
  • Duomo di Siena: The Siena Cathedral was built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, and its exterior and interior are equally magnificent. We recommend visiting the crypt and baptistery. In addition, you will enjoy the best views of the city by climbing the Panorama del Facciatone.
  • Via Bianchi di Sopra: Along with the Via di Città, this street makes up the medieval axis of the city. The Via Bianchi di Sopra is one of the most important shopping streets in Siena, where tourists can find everything from traditional products to chic boutiques and chain stores.  
  • Palazzo Pubblico: Siena’s historic town hall, the Palazzo Pubblico is one of the most renowned landmarks in the city. The building’s façade is made of white marble and red brick and it has a tower standing 288 ft (88 m) tall which offers stunning views of the medieval town.
  • Basilica di San Domenico: St Dominic’s Basilica was built during the thirteenth century and was remodelled centuries later in a Gothic style. The Basilica di San Domenico is a vast brick church located in the upper part of Siena in front of the city centre.

A perfect getaway

Siena is only 43 miles (70 km) away from Florence, making it an ideal city for a half-day excursion. The city is very small and its top attractions are all very close to each other, which makes it a great place to visit.

You can make the most of your visit to Siena and also explore the nearby village of San Gimignano, a charming medieval borough, located half-way between Siena and Florence.

Getting to Siena

There are several ways of getting to Siena from Florence:

  • English-speaking tour: The easiest and cheapest way of travelling from Florence to Siena is by booking an English-speaking guided tour to San Gimignano, Siena, and Chianti. For only 50EUR per person, the tour includes a hotel pick-up, transport to and from Siena, tickets to the top attractions, a professional English-speaking guide and it also includes a visit to other beautiful towns.  
  • Train: A direct train from Florence to Siena takes 1.5 hours. The price of the ticket is 9.10 (US$ 9.80) per journey. Although Siena’s train station is located 1.2 miles (2 km) from the city centre, it is well connected.
  • Bus: The buses that run between Florence and Siena take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 8.10 (US$ 8.70).
  • Rent a car: If you prefer to travel to Siena by car, you can hire a car by clicking here.