Public Holidays in Florence, Italy

When you plan any holiday, it is always a good idea to check the country’s public holiday. Here is a list of when Florence and the rest of Italy celebrates its public holidays and observances:

Be sure to check this list, that way you can be sure you won't get a nasty surprise, and find any of the attractions you were planning to visit closed.

Public holidays

  • New Year’s Day: 1 January
  • Epiphany: 6 January
  • Easter: the date varies
  • Easter Monday: First Monday after Easter
  • Liberation Day: 25 April. It marks the end of the Nazi occupation in Italy.
  • Labor Day: 1 May
  • Republic Day: 2 June. Commemorates when the Italian citizens voted to abolish the monarchy and became a republic.
  • The Feast of St. John: 24 June. "La Festa di San Giovanni" is the public holiday of Florence.
  • The assumption of Mary: 15 August
  • All Saints’ Day: 1 November
  • Immaculate Conception: 8 December
  • Christmas Day: 25 December
  • St. Stephen’s Day: 26 December