Climate of Florence

Climate of Florence

Florence has a warm temperate continental climate with humid summers and cold rainy winters. If we compare it to Rome, perhaps Florence’s winters are colder and rainier, with more snow.

Winter in Florence

Between December and February, the average temperatures fluctuate between 2°C and 12°C during the day, but at night the temperatures drop and it is wise to take a warm winter coat with you.

Summer in Florence

The temperature in Florence reaches over 35°C during the hottest months of the year. Like in many Mediterranean cities, the best part of Florence’s citizens take their holidays in July and August to escape the oppressive heat. This means that tourists will find many stores and restaurants closed.

Best time to visit Florence

We recommend avoiding the hottest months of the year when planning a trip to Florence. Another reason to do so is that in July and August the tourism in Florence reaches its peak, with crowds of visitors wandering around the city. If you have already booked your holidays during this period, you will enjoy Florence just as much, but you will be hot!