Taxi in Florence

Taxi in Florence

Comfortable, but expensive, taking a taxi around Florence is an expensive option to get around the city. Get to know their tariffs and some useful advice if you need to use them.

Although Florence is a city that's easy to explore by foot, sometimes a taxi is a good option to get from A to B quickly.

Florence is up there with other European cities such as Amsterdam for the price of a taxi, as it's one of the most expensive places to take this mode of transport.


It's unlikely that a journey would be cheaper than 8 (US$ 8.70), due to the high prices and the layout of the city. Nonetheless, Florence is small, so you can easily get from one side to the other.


  • Minimum charge from 6 am to 9 pm: 3.60 (US$ 3.90)
  • Minimum charge on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 5.80 (US$ 6.30)
  • Price per hour wait: 28.60 (US$ 31)

Telephone Numbers

Taxi Firenze: 055 4242.
So.Co.To: 055 410133.